The Running Head.


Here are a few of our colleagues, associates and inspirations.

Our highly qualified freelance editors, proof-readers and indexers have a remarkable breadth of academic backgrounds, knowledge and expertise. We are continually grateful for their finely honed skills and sensitive engagement with the text. Thanks in particular go to Sue Bradley, Fran Brown, Michael Coultas, Meg Davies, Rosemary Dear, Laila Friese, John Gaunt, Marie Lorimer, Ewan Porter, Eileen Power and Leigh Priest.

The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop (, under the aegis of Lida Lopes Cardozo, cut extraordinarily beautiful letterforms by hand in stone. Their work and workshop practice speaks with clarity and dignity of our debt to the past and our obligation to those who will do our work in the future. They made our very handsome company nameplate.

Dale Tomlinson is an independent book/graphic designer with over twenty years’ experience. He has worked for Penguin Books and Cambridge University Press, and lectures part-time at Anglia Ruskin University. In 2005 he received first prize in the Japanese best book design awards.

Phil Treble ( is a freelance web and print designer with strong skills in typography, specializing in visual/corporate identity, branding, CSS, XHTML, Flash, PHP and MySQL. He also designed and built this website.

The members of the Wynkyn de Worde Society ( are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of printing and the various stages of its creation, production, finishing and publication. Since its foundation over 50 years ago the society has provided an opportunity for its members to meet at lunches (held nowadays in the magnificent Stationers’ Hall, 100 metres from St Paul’s), listen to speakers, and to discuss matters of trade and far beyond in relaxed and convivial company. Members’ collective range of skills and experience is extraordinary.