The Running Head.

The website

This website has been developed using web standards: all content has been semantically coded for platform-independent delivery. In other words, whatever device you use to view the website you should be able to access the information easily. Please note that only browsers versions 5 and above will display the site fully. Older browsers will receive a text-based version but should still be perfectly useable.

The page coding was done using XHTML and visual mark-up using CSS.

Every effort has been made to make the site as accessible as possible. We have checked the pages using the following validators:

The default main text typeface is Georgia, designed by Matthew Carter for legibility on computer screens. Unusually the numerals are ‘old style’ (non-lining) – 0123456789 – a style associated with calligraphy and hand setting. A combination of machine-based ‘simplification’ and editorial confusion about how to use them has led to their comparative unfamiliarity today. Nonetheless, non-lining figures offer much visual interest and consistency of colour with lowercase letters. Owing to the current typographical crudity of the web we cannot use small capitals, with which they look more beautiful, on this site.