The Running Head.

Project management

By ‘project management’ we mean that our publishing customers want us to take care of everything between approved typescript and PDF/XML files or printed/bound copies. Our customers trust us – with the usual proofing stages – to do a very good job. Because we typeset in-house our control over quality and schedule is unrivalled.

We offer fastidious quality, complete reliability and cast-iron cost control. Customers who monitor their in-house costs know we offer excellent value for money, as well as adding value. The accountability structure is clear: we are responsible.

At the heart of this service is our on-screen editing and integrated workflow. Because we work on each title from start to finish we know each book exceptionally well and are unusually good with ‘problem’ books, fast books, and books with illustrations. Authors enjoy working with us and have often said so.

We also commission figures/maps/illustrations, cover design, proof-reading, indexing, etc. We work closely with printers and can offer excellent quality and very competitive prices on all print production. If you require XML we can comply with the requirements of your DTD.