The Running Head.

Book packaging

Where do creative, commercial ideas come from, ideas that create value? In a complex and rapidly changing world, publishers need to move faster and be more creative than ever before. But perhaps people are too busy, or meetings too ponderous, or perhaps the division of labour itself somehow squeezes the life out of a new idea before it gets a chance to fly. Perhaps, even, in some business environments it somehow ends up that everyone covers their backs and sticks to what is ‘safe’. What could be more dangerous than that?

For customers who are confident and playful enough we can develop publishing product solutions that we think are, quite simply, better than those of your competitors. These solutions can range from ‘brilliant … accessible and saleable design’ to (for example) embedded soundclips and video in e-books. Have a look at some of the case studies for some precedents. If you can trust our creativity we can bring benefits beyond your expectation, beyond your imagination.

So bring us some of your publishing ideas and let’s explore together whether we can turn them into something exciting, even wonderful.