The Running Head.

Our work

World Englishes

‘I was amazed that you spotted so many errata that had passed all previous copy-editors and readers by!’

Professor Jennifer Jenkins, School of Humanities, University of Southampton

Psychophysical Acting

‘Thanks to you and your staff for all your work on the manuscript. I think it looks really good. It was a pleasure …’

Phillip Zarrilli, Professor of Performance Practice, Exeter University

Inside Book Publishing

‘Thank you very much for your brilliant work on the pages. Giles [Clark] and I think the book looks extremely handsome!’

Angus Phillips, Director of the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies

‘The book looks really great, so thanks for all your work on it.’

Susan Dixon, Deputy Manager/Senior Production Editor, Taylor & Francis

‘… the book looks fantastic. Many thanks for lifting the production values of the fourth edition to a new level of good, accessible and saleable design!’

Giles Clark, Copublishing Adviser, Learning and Teaching Solutions, The Open University

Christian Ethics

‘Thanks so much … I'm very appreciative of your copy-editing efforts and your patience.’

David Cunningham, Professor of Religion and Director of the Cross Roads Project, Hope College, Michigan

Strategic Reputation Management

‘We’d like to thank you for great work. You have been very particular and thorough.’

Pekka Aula, Professor of Communication, University of Helsinki, Finland

Architecture, Power, and National Identity

‘I am very pleased with the design of the book and pages, and hope that the paper quality will do justice to the care with which you have placed and edited the illustrations. Many thanks!’

Laurence Vale, Professor and Head of Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Religion, Terror and Violence

‘Let me commend you for an extremely thorough and painstaking piece of work. It is a pleasure to work with such professional help and I hope that my own work meets your standards.’

Bryan Rennie, Professor of Religion, Chair of the Department of Religion, History, Philosophy, and Classics at Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA

Focus on Music of South Africa

‘I want to tell you, having worked with several editors, you are really the best so far. Nothing gets personal, it is not my word against yours (which in the past has been “I know the world and you academics don’t”). You are the best!

Carol Ann Muller, Associate Professor of Music, Chair of Graduate Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Focus on Indonesian Gamelan Music

‘I have just finished going through your fantastic, elegant, amazing, beautiful, insightful (and many other adjectives that aren’t coming to me at the moment) copy-edits – thank you for the small tweaks, the important questions, and the vital clarifications. I appreciate your understanding of what I am trying to say, your restraint in letting me say it in my own voice, and your gentle corrections when my voice is simply too off the mark. You are amazing!’

Henry Spiller, Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of California, Davis

The Alternative Media Handbook

‘Many thanks for all your help, support and great patience.’

Tony Dowmunt, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Engines of the Imagination

‘I have really admired all the work that you and your colleagues have done on the book … Many thanks for all the superb work you’ve done on the copy-editing. I’m truly impressed!’

Jonathan Sawday, Professor of English, University of Strathclyde

The Philosophy of Religion Reader

‘Thank you very much for your outstanding work on this project. It has been a real pleasure working with you and your team. I have been impressed from start to finish.’

Chad Meister, Director of Philosophy, Bethel College, USA


‘We are both very appreciative of your efficiency and hard work … Your colleague did a smashing job with the MS and that has been very helpful.’

Oliver Leaman, Department of Philosophy, University of Kentucky

On Span and Space

‘It is with undivided pleasure that I have received and looked through the pages. I am very, very happy with the result, and much appreciate your work! … [I am] quite impressed with the overview, seriousness and elegance you display in the handling of my manuscript.’

Bjørn Normann Sandaker, Professor of Architectural Technology, Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Sculpture in the Close

‘We are very happy indeed about the way the catalogue has turned out.’

Rod Mengham, Tutor in English and Curator, Sculpture in the Close, Jesus College, Cambridge

Children and Bullying

‘Thanks again for your careful work in bringing the book closer to completion … I very much appreciate your guidance …’

Kenneth Rigby, University of South Australia

Ancient Egypt and Iron Age Communities in Britain

‘We had some very positive feedback on [these titles]. I have always borne The Running Head in mind for high-profile books that need particular care and attention. I shall continue to do so …’

Geraldine Martin, Production Editor, Taylor & Francis

Ritual Texts for the Afterlife

‘I thoroughly enjoyed working with you, not only because you always had an open ear for my demands. If the book is a success (which we all hope), you certainly have contributed your share to it.’

Fritz Graf, Professor of Greek and Latin, The Ohio State University

The Golden Age of Cinema

‘Thank you again for all your hard work on the book. I am very proud of it and am acutely aware that it is a better book because of your help and the help of your colleagues …Thank you so much for your expert copy-editing job.’

Richard Jewell, Hugh M. Hefner Professor of American Film, University of Southern California

The Ethics Toolkit

‘I’m deeply grateful for your diligence, your professionalism, and your good sense in seeing this project through.’

Peter Fosl, Professor of Philosophy, Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky

The Blackwell Guide to Medical Ethics

‘Thanks to you and your colleagues for all of your conscientious work on this project and for putting up with everything entailed in dealing with a collection of picky philosophers. You have been constantly patient and responsive.’

Rosamond Rhodes, Professor of Medical Education, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York

Sports in American Life: A History

‘Thanks to you and everyone at Running Head for all your good work. I greatly appreciate the attention given to my project and believe (hope?) that the final project will make us all proud … I truly appreciate the professionalism and personal concern I’ve observed re. my book. Thanks to you and your co-workers.’

Richard Davies, Professor of History, University of Nevada, Reno

The Tibetans

‘It has been a rare pleasure (and given my experience with academic publishing I do mean rare) to work with a team – you and your colleagues at The Running Head – who have shown me such consistent and reliable efficiency, helpfulness and professionalism.’

Matthew T. Kapstein, Numata Visiting Professor of Buddhist Studies, The University of Chicago Divinity School; Directeur d’études, École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris

White Victims, Black Villains

‘Thank you for the voucher proofs. You have done a really excellent job on these.’

Geraldine Martin, Production Editor, Taylor & Francis

Design in the USA

‘I can’t help but think that the book’s beautiful design, expert editing, and superb illustrations contributed to this award [Robert W. Hamilton Book Award, runner-up] . . . the best, easiest, most productive, and most creative editorial relationship I’ve had.’

Jeffrey L. Meikle, Professor, Department of American Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Investigating Media Discourse

‘I am really impressed by the thoroughness of the copy-editing …’

Anne O’Keeffe, Lecturer in Applied Linguistics, University of Limerick

Improving Schools and Educational Systems

‘Congratulations and a huge thank you for your patience, tenacity and professionalism’

Professor Alma Harris, Director, Institute of Education, University of Warwick

God’s Companions

‘Many thanks for your clarity, efficiency, and courtesy. Hope to do this again!’

Sam Wells, Dean of Chapel, Duke University, North Carolina

Investigating Classroom Discourse

‘I’ve checked the proofs and they look great – I am truly delighted with the overall format and quality …’

Steve Walsh, Lecturer at Graduate School of Education, Queen’s University Belfast

A Boal Companion

‘I’m so pleased that after all the changes that were made everything has come out so well – it all looks fantastic.’

Katherine Sheppard, Production Editor, Taylor & Francis

Britannia: The Creation of a Roman Province

‘The copy-editing was done with great skill and the page proofs look excellent. So far my experience with TRH has been extremely positive’

John Creighton, Department of Archaeology, University of Reading

Ancient Egypt

‘I am impressed with the way not only you got it done in time but also that you got me to finish in time. Hard thing to do usually!’

Barry Kemp, Professor of Egyptology, University of Cambridge

Rewritten Theology

‘… astonished thanks at the fineness of the indexing’

Mark Jordan, Asa Griggs Candler Professor, Department of Religion, Emory University

The Routledge Companion to Historical Studies

‘I think you have done a brilliant job with the typescript. As an editor myself I am always very conscious of the work that goes into such things and … your effort has been the best I have come across. Please allow me to offer my personal thanks to you&rsquo

Alun Munslow, Professor of History and Historical Theory, University College, Chichester

Theology in the Public Square

‘I’ve really appreciated the immensely friendly and superbly efficient service The Running Head has offered’

Gavin D’Costa, Department of Theology, University of Bristol

Circus Bodies

‘The book is looking great. It was such a thrill to receive the proofs … Thanks to everyone for their hard work’

Peta Tait, Professor of Theatre and Drama, La Trobe University, Australia

Latin Verse Satire

‘Paul Allen Miller has just sent me a very nice email saying how pleased he is with his book and that you have done an excellent job on the project management side of things. … Thank you for the proofs and for doing such a good job on Latin Verse Satire. The pages look perfect, and I have no corrections to make …’

Geraldine Martin, Production Editor, Taylor & Francis

The Modern Middle East

‘Thank you so much … you have done such a brilliant job – it’s the best job I’ve got back from a project manager, and with one of the most messy starts!’

Katherine Davey, Production Editor, Taylor & Francis

Christ and Culture

‘I just wanted to say an enormous thank you to both you and your team for the care and attention you took over my manuscript. I have never had a copy-editor who has been so thorough with my text … I am very, very grateful

Graham Ward, Professor of Contextual Theology and Ethics, University of Manchester


‘Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job with the queries and the changes so far. I am delighted the manuscript is in such skilled and sensitive hands … It has been a great pleasure working with you, and far and away the most satisfying experience of refining the final copy of a book that I have had. I shall sing your praises and that of The Running Head to all and sundry!’

Rob Pope, Professor of English, Oxford Brookes University

The Baghdad Pact

‘I received my book last week, which looks very impressive. I would just like to say that it has been both a pleasure and a privilege to have worked with you’

Behcet Kamal Yesilbursa, Associate Professor, Abant Izzet University, Gölköy-Bolu, Turkey

France since 1848

‘You have done an incredibly thorough and painstaking job. I am very impressed with your speed and efficiency’

William Fortescue, School of History, Rutherford College, University of Canterbury, Kent

Writing and Responsibility

‘I just wanted to thank you and your colleagues at [The] Running Head for your hard work, attention to detail and patience … I have enjoyed working with you and I feel my book is much improved. I do hope we get the chance to work together again some day’

Carl Tighe, Professor of Creative Writing, Derby University

Design in the USA

‘Thank you for being so patient … I neglected to say how pleased I am with the way the book is going to look. It is indeed a beautiful job … I’ll write you today or tomorrow regarding … any other issues raised by your patient, humane, constructive responses. I appreciate the fact that you’ve clearly worked very hard to do a handsome job with this book with a very tight deadline’

Jeffrey L. Meikle, Professor of American Studies and Art History, University of Texas at Austin

Beauty and Art

‘… how delighted I am with the appearance of the book in every respect. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever proofed a text with so few errors …’

Elizabeth Prettejohn, Professor of Modern Art, University of Plymouth

Reporting War

‘… absolutely first rate – really impressive! Barbie and I are grateful to all of you for your incredible efforts in turning around such a hefty tome (374 pages!) so quickly and efficiently. It has been a real pleasure working with you’

Stuart Allan, Reader, School of Cultural Studies, University of the West of England, Bristol

Iron Age Communities in Britain

‘I thought that the sub-editor had done a brilliant job and made my life very easy’

Barry Cunliffe, Professor of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Prologues to Shakespeare’s Theatre

’Do accept my thanks for your professionalism and eagle eyes: the book is already a better one for your hard and intelligent work’

Douglas Bruster, Department of English, The University of Texas at Austin

Educational Reform in Post-Soviet Russia

‘The book looks wonderful … meticulous work. Thanks for sending the PDFs along to me and for the superb job you have done on it’

Deena Leventer, Managing Editor, Cummings Center for Russian Studies, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Trust the Text

‘Thank you for all your advice, help and high-quality input. It is a great pleasure and of considerable benefit to the quality of our books that we have The Running Head to work with’

Ron Carter, Professor of Modern English Language, University of Nottingham

Postcolonial London

‘I have to say that I am deeply appreciative of the excellent copy-editing which Fran Brown has done, and I do hope you’ll pass on to her my gratitude and sense of indebtedness to her expertise’

John McLeod, Lecturer in English, University of Leeds

Sisterhood Questioned?

’You’ll be pleased to hear I’ve just had the feedback form back from Christine Bolt and she’s very positive about your work and happy with the overall outcome. Well done for showing yet another author what quality work can be like!’

Juliane Tschinkel, Production Editorial Manager (Humanities), Taylor & Francis

After Poststructuralism

Copy-editing: ‘Excellent; all efficiently done + communication was effective’; first proofs: ‘Excellent standard’; general liaison with [project manager]: ‘Excellent’; general remarks: ‘Generally, it all went very smoothly, and I was impressed by the standard and courtesy of production’

Colin Davis, Professor of French, Warwick University

Medieval Architecture

‘From the citation for the award of the Alice Davis Hitchcock Medallion, Society of Architectural Historians: ‘The judges … were immensely impressed by it as a book … highly commended for the layout and high quality of the illustrations’

Peter Draper, Lecturer in Medieval Art History, Birkbeck College, and President of the Society of Architectural Historians


‘I really greatly appreciate your help. You … gave me renewed faith in this book’

Shearer West, Professor of Art History, Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham

Gender and the Philosophy of Art

‘Many thanks for your splendid and eagle-eyed editing!’

Carolyn Korsmeyer, Professor of Philosophy, State University of New York at Buffalo

Language and Creativity

‘My thanks also go to The Running Head for their professionalism during the production process of this book and to Fran Brown for creatively helping me out of all kinds of holes by her exemplary copy-editing work’

Ron Carter, Professor of Modern English Language, University of Nottingham

Japanese Capitalism and Modernity

‘Thank you so much for all the excellent work you and your company have done with my book. It has been a great pleasure working with such efficient and good humoured people’

Peter Matanle, Lecturer in Japanese Studies, University of Sheffield

Hannibal’s Dynasty

‘I’d like to express my very great appreciation to Fran Brown for the wonderful and exacting task she carried out as copy editor. Without her expert eye, and helpful suggestions, the text and notes of the book would have left me looking a sorry figure … I’m more than impressed at the care and precision with which you’ve checked [the index]’

Dexter Hoyos, Associate Professor, Classics Department, University of Sydney

Art and Its Time

‘I am more than pleased, even somewhat moved, by the evident care, sensitivity, and intelligence [you have] expended on my work’

Paul Mattick, Professor of Philosophy, Adelphi University

Journalism after September 11

‘I am very pleased … it looks great! Thank you for all your efforts and for keeping to the schedule, you’ve done a brilliant job!’

Juliane Tschinkel, Senior Production Editor, Taylor & Francis

Review and Report 2000–2001

‘Can I congratulate you on what is surely your most beautiful and interesting report to date?’

Martin Elengorn, Church Commissioners

Close Up

‘In twenty years of publishing I have never known a more conscientious person taking the responsibility of seeing a book to its final shape … How can I ever thank David Williams of The Running Head for the gift of his grace in magically metamorphosing my meandering musings into the quiet elegance of these pages? He saw through the final stages of production with maddening speed and a miraculous sensitivity to the sense and nonsense of my text’

Hamid Dabashi, Professor of Iranian Studies, Columbia University

Mother Millett

‘I was overwhelmed by your “note of admiration.” Surely this is the best endorsement the text will ever get and entirely honest and unsolicited as its original skepticism is persuaded into identification and praise … Many, many thanks’

Kate Millett

Cyril of Jerusalem

‘Many thanks for all your efficient and sympathetic co-operation

Edward Yarnold, Research Lecturer, Oxford University

Art, Politics and Civic Religion in Central Italy, 1261–1354

‘… how delighted I am with the finished [book]. My co-editor, the contributors, and the director of the Institute are also all impressed with the look of the book. I consider that the form suits the function admirably … Thank you, and all those at The Running Head, for the part you played’

Joanna Cannon, Lecturer, Courtauld Institute of Art

Fragmentation in Archaeology

‘… it looks really good! Once again, plaudits to you and your team for a great job

John Chapman, Reader in Archaeology, University of Durham

Resources, Technology and Strategy

‘I have been looking at the proofs, and I must say that you have done a most excellent job. I have never seen proofs with so few errors’

Nicolai J. Foss, Professor of the Department of Industrial Economics and Strategy, Copenhagen Business School

Ruskin’s Artists

‘Thank you for doing such a meticulous job on our book!’

Ruth Hutchison, Secretary, The Ruskin Programme, Lancaster University

[Title/author withheld]

‘I got the proffs, I’ll fed ex them from New York on teusday, latest. They look gret your a saint


Education in Morality

‘I’d … like to thank you for and compliment you on the excellent quality of product you delivered. You’ve helped to make the production of this title as pain-free as possible for us’

Jan McNeillie, Projects Manager, Routledge


‘I have looked through your comments and am very, very pleased with the work you have done … exemplary work … the best copy-editing I have had in the books I have written or edited … You really have understood and improved on the original text’

Simon Critchley, Director, Centre for Theoretical Studies in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, University of Essex

Annual Report

’I’ve just seen the Report … and I think it’s terrific. I’m most grateful to you and your colleagues for all your advice and effort’

Christopher Haigh, Lecturer in Modern History, University of Oxford

The Development of Independent Reading

‘We novices really are very grateful for guidance thro’ this maze … Over to you, trustingly and gratefully!’

Margaret Hughes and Pete Guppy

On Becoming an Innovative University Teacher

‘… it is a genuine pleasure to work with you. Thank you for being patient and tolerant with me. I mean it … I would like to express my genuine appreciation of the way you have made the whole process easy and pleasant …’

John Cowan, former Professor of Applied Mechanics, Heriot-Watt University

Atlas of the European Novel 1800–1900

‘Thanks for a superb editing job – by far the best I have ever had in English … I cannot believe things can work so well between author and editor. This was a pleasure … wonderful work

Franco Moretti, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University

Atlas of the European Novel

‘Overall, the Atlas of the European Novel is a wonderful achievement: a visual pleasure as much as a textual one’

The Guardian

The Business of Watercolour

‘A delight to look at and a pleasure to use … without ever drawing attention to itself, clearly a great deal of thought has gone into the layout to make it extremely attractive and practical’

Nicolas Barker, Chairman of the London Library


Our training

‘The course was very interesting and well structured and your expertise gave me a lot of confidence.’

‘A very enjoyable and informative day’

‘It is inspiring to come into contact with professionals who care and whose mission is to maintain high standards.’

‘You made us feel very welcome … [the training] has enabled me to look at proofs in a different light … (Great “wicked” cakes)’

‘Working with live jobs gives a “reality” to the examples … The range of global changes that can be made with wildcards in Word is also an eyeopener.’

‘It was brilliant.’

‘This was quite an intensive day and very absorbing … I now appreciate all the more the quality of work produced by The Running Head and the high calibre of the people who work there’

‘Lovely people! Very helpful! … All sections of the training were explained in a clear, informative fashion’

‘The benefits of working together with you on the course content speak for themselves … [it] gives the courses a unique relevance to our staff and helps to fill important knowledge and skills gaps’

‘Thanks for an interesting, useful and enjoyable day … We found the sessions in your office very helpful and the lunch was excellent.’

‘Thank you very much for … presenting [Taylor & Francis staff] with such a brilliant day … they’ve not only learnt a lot but have also enjoyed themselves immensely.’